Black Lives Matter.

We’re African-Americans‚ and entrepreneurs. We understand firsthand the struggles our African-American counterparts face in the United States every day—because we’ve faced them too. As our friends‚ family‚ colleagues‚ and allies work to end systemic racism and inequality in this country‚ we pledge to stand with them.

But we won’t stop there.

We will financially support individuals and organizations dedicated to this cause.

We will lend our time and talents to help people and organizations promote their initiatives.

We will use our influence to help organizations raise money and awareness.

And we will proactively work to hold politicians and legislators accountable for enacting real change.

The senseless killings and mistreatment of African-Americans by the police in this country must stop.

This ‘Grand Experiment’ we call the United States can only be deemed successful when equal justice and treatment is a reality for every American.

-Myndshift Leadership

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