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April 13, 2019

What goes into a successful marketing and advertising campaign? How does Myndshift produce innovative ideas and strategies for their clients? We give you a look behind the scenes through our Inside Conversation series. Sharing our thoughts and philosophies on what it takes to produce the kind of innovative work our clients need to be leading brands. Myndshift Chief Creative Officer, Jeffrey White is the first in line to share his thoughts.

As Chief Creative Officer of Myndshift, Jeffrey shepherds the ideas that help Myndshift clients grow. For over 22 years, his ideas and leadership have contributed to the success of global brands such as American Express, Publix, L.L. Bean, Nationwide Insurance and BMW.

1. How do you ensure the agency’s work environment allows creativity to flow?

We work to make sure we have productive kickoff meetings and well thought out creative briefs. A great brief is the foundation of any successful design project or campaign. Its importance can’t be overstated. I strongly encourage the agency’s internal teams to constantly collaborate across departments and disciplines. There are no silos here. The work we do has to be effective across a multitude of channels, so it’s important everyone understands what we’re trying to accomplish and that that ideal is represented in the work.

2. How do you keep your creative vision and ensure your clients are involved in the entire process?

For us, it starts early in the process. After the initial kickoff, we immerse ourselves in the brief. Working side by side with our clients to understand their thinking and the audience. At this point, and all during the creative process, we ask lots of questions. This allows us to have an intimate knowledge of our client’s business and the challenges at hand. It helps us gain deeper insights, and it forges a foundation of trust we can build on as we work together.

3. What differentiates your firm from other agencies?

We’re wildly courageous. We welcome the point of view of every stakeholder in our work, especially our clients. We’re not afraid to challenge assumptions or to be challenged. Or to tell the truth when it should be told. We consider the positive exchange of ideas to be a natural part of the creative process.

4. What do you do when a client disagrees with a particular concept or direction you’ve recommended?

We listen carefully, take a step back and closely reexamine our work. More often than not, we revisit the brief to make sure our work is in line with it. If changes are warranted, we work with our client to make them. If we believe our recommendations are in line with the brief and direction, we stand behind our recommendation and arrange a time to share how we believe our recommendations line up with our client’s objectives. If there continue to be concerns, we respectfully ask for their trust. If we’ve put in the time and effort that we should, our hope is we will have earned it.

5. What’s your philosophy and how does it impact your work at Myndshift?

Great work takes time to produce. So we work diligently to ensure that we manage our schedules and resources in an efficient way. So we give our teams the time and space they need to innovate and create. In the end, it’s all about delivering outstanding work and results to our clients.


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